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Eastbourne fencing Services are professionals and can cater for all your fencing and gate requirements. Maybe you have been considering a new fence for a while but are unsure what would best suit your property or your budget. There are so many options available some of which we have listed out in our services section. If however, you have any special requirements or need something custom made then we can cater for your needs. We understand that every property is different and are happy to discuss any requirements you have.

Many times a fence can be repaired without the need for replacement. If yours has blown down with heavy winds or just needs some TLC then it may well be possible to save it The best thing to do is contact us to see how we can help.

Please give us a call to arrange a site survey where we will be able to full discuss your fencing project.




Feather edge fencing Eastbourne

Feather edge is a common style of fence in the UK. It is robust and is a very good choice for privacy.

There are various options that can be chosen when designing your feather edge fence. These include a wood or concrete gravel board also if required we can install a wooden gate.

This is not an easy style of wood fence to construct and it is certainly a job for a professional. As a professional fencing contractor in Eastbourne we can cater for all your feather edge fencing needs and you can rest assured we will deliver a high standard of workmanship

Feather Edge Fencing in Eastbourne
Fence Panels in Eastbourne


Fence Panels Eastbourne

Wooden fence panels for your Eastbourne garden that are built to last.

There are many options available all of which are designed for privacy and to protect your property.

Factors that need to be considered are things such as the style of fencing you like and the type of wood you require; also if you would prefer wood or concrete fence posts

6×6 fence panels come with a variety of options and all of these can be discussed when we carry out an initial survey for you.

Give us a call today to arrange an appointment.


Picket Fence Eastbourne

Picket fencing is an ideal solution to section off your garden. Maybe this is from neighbours or a specific part of your garden such as an area for pets to be contained or a children’s play area. Picket fencing is also ideal for installing around a swimming pool.

The gaps in between picket fences are small to prevent animals and children getting through.

We can also supply and install matching picket gates including pedestrian and twin leafed gates for pedestrian access. Call us today to discuss how we can help you.

Picket Fencing done in Eastbourne
Post & Rail Fencing in Eastbourne


Post and Rail Fencing Eastbourne

Post and Rail fencing is another common form of fencing in the UK. It is commonly used in the countryside and is a simple yet effective method of providing a division of two areas.

Along with a post and rail fence we can install wooden gates for either pedestrian or vehicular access.

There are a few options when it comes to post and rain fences and the gates that are available. Call or message us today to arrange a quotation.


Quality Gates Eastbourne

Driveway & Garden gates of all shapes and styles are something we specialise in.

Maybe your existing gate is damaged and needs replacement or you have decided for whatever reason that now is the time to enclose your property.

We will be happy to discuss all your needs contact us today.

Driveway & Garden Gates in Eastbourne

Eastbourne Fencing Services COMPANIES FAQ

This is dependant on local council rules but generally in the UK the protocol is 2 metres high for a garden. If you require a taller fence or wish to add something on top such as a trellis then you will need to seek planning permission.

There is actually no general rule about what side of a fence you own

This is dependant on many factors from the length and style of the fence. A site survey will give you an accurate cost for the fence that you require.


You can but be aware you need to consider all the issues that come with it. Whilst you may save on labour costs you will be spending your own time and will also require all the necessary tools. As a professional fencing contractor we can make light work of your fencing project.

Wood and PVC are great materials to install. They are ideal for privacy within your garden as well.

The hole depth should be 1/3 – ½ the post height above the ground. So if the fence is 6 feet tall the hole depth needs to be 2-3 feet.

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